Once Upon a Wednesday I Found an Old Blog

So today I’ve uncovered my old uni blog that has been left stagnating, disguised by the word ‘Press’ on the link panel of my computer; Evidently I’ve failed to comply with the title’s order since November 2013.

Ahh, old thoughts from a time and a place long passed – bizarre and a load of nonsense no one will ever care to read. I guess that’s the nature of diary type set ups – blogs – no one cares unless you’re a superstar or a tragedy or perhaps have relevant content, but I’m just a random person so I guess I’ll reside on the outskirts of Blogville, in a nonsensical shack made with words, twigs and string, waiting for a wanderer.

I have no intention of becoming a ‘blogger’ I’d be awful at that.. I only created this because as it was compulsory for Uni. I then gave up with this one and switched to tumblr, then Blogger. What a blogging tart. I rarely read blogs and the whole concept seems entirely egocentric and lost on me – perhaps there’s no commercial value in my knowledge and I’d get bored of make-up trials after… well I’m over it already.

I still have my laser cutting business ( www.byleahcarroll.com ) and I sell in a few shops throughout Scotland.

I work in TV/Film now and during 2014 I had a superb year. I worked on Outlander, Channel 4, Comedy Unit, Partickular Films and filming work of my own for The Brightside Productions ( www.thebrightsideproductions.com ).

I’m extremely grateful and have met an amazing bunch of incredibly wonderful people throughout 2014.

I have an office in The Hub, Pacific Quay and now that I am in the quiet spell, I have been writing scripts, storyboarding, filming, gigging, writing music for shorts and typing up proposals – and clicking unused buttons on my links panel for procrastination purposes. And sending off laser cut orders to individuals and shops. I also eat, sleep and get away for camping and hillwalking trips every now and then. I have also discovered yoga which is amazing; you basically roll around the floor like a baby, get told to relax, close your eyes and smell lavender filled sock things AND you can pass it off AS A WORKOUT! Thank you please!

I’m working on a proposal today and plan to edit the last of a short I made the other day. Editing takes yonks.

I have also ate too much chocolate and it’s only 1pm.

That is all I’ve got. Projectile semiotics comin’ atcha!


walt disney - aye eh does!

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The 48 hour awards




YEY!!! We won 5 awards as part of the 48hour film challenge!


It was a fantastic night, everyone was eager to hear who had won and preconceived ideas of who should get what had already been formed… adding to the tension.

We all wandered the hall excitedly drinking and catching up, sending good luck everyones way and discussing new projects, then silence descended. It was time.


The first awards… Best use of line. Goes to…… (the silence went on for a while)…… Little Star! Woohoo!

Sorry for this massive photo, I can’t make it any smaller!




It was fantastic news that got repeated another four times. And upon receiving cBest of City Runner Up, I had to go up and receive the award. I was grabbed up by an actress Lee-anne and we both accepted the award of behalf of the team.


I would recommend everyone to participate at least once in a 48 hour challenge. It’s hard going, but satisfying and a fantastic experience.


You can have a watch….




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The Start

The Start

Approx 1 min 30 secs reading time!

Once upon a time (May 2013) in a land *far, far away, I was finishing my honours degree at university.
Alongside writing my dissertation, I worked countless hours to create a short documentary that involved laser cut sets and was based on the life of ceramic artist Lotte Glob. I eventually achieved a first class honours degree.

Woohoo!! Job time! Money time!

Well, nothing is as easy as it seems. I had been job hunting for some weeks, when I realised the majority of jobs I could apply for would not allow me to utilise the skills I had strived to develop over the years. In fact, few of the jobs would allow me to use my creativity at all- even the ‘creative’ jobs on offer.

Hmph.. I should mention that along with filming, I had also become obsessed with laser cutting.
Yes, I thrive on being creative (blah, blah) and I love making things… Doesn’t everyone…

I was aware that ‘I enjoy being creative’ was no basis for starting my own business. I have also delved beneath the illusive Twitter and Facebook fairytale personas, and I am aware that workers in the sector rarely exhibit the healthy glow of someone prancing into a clean, white studio, going for coffee dates, while maintaining the appearance of a cultured individual who belongs in a magazine. More often I hear ‘I was in the studio all day… 16 hours… Look, my fingers are bleeding!’

Could the passion become a job?!

Well, that is why a business plan is required. I started to note down my ideas that had been growing for years, unfettered by the laws of logic. I made them coherent, and applied for funding. I had faith in my plan, but wanted to secure finance- not only to help me start, but to ensure others had confidence in my ideas and ability and I wasn’t gathering momentum while running full speed towards a brick wall.

Therefore, it began. I see this step, funding and business planning, as my initiation into the 16 hour-day-bleeding-finger-crew. I was rather excited.

*Dundee: depending on your geographical location, this could be quite accurate.

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End of Summer DIY

Here’s a quick wee idea to spruce up a boring old lamp…

blue head lampbase lamp

What you need:

A boring old lamp

Paint pot sample (brush included)

Scrap paper/newspaper

Time: 20 mins

sneaky paint pot

I chose Water from the Colours range at B&Q.. only £1.10!!

Pop down some newsprint, paint away the boring silvery metal and VOILA!!  A lamp in the perfect shade to brighten up your room.


It’s incredibly simple and takes no time at all. I grudge throwing out items that work and fear i’ll succumb to the crazy materialistic society we’ve created. By revamping a little bit here and there you can save a fortune. I also prefer the items I have now and I can invest more money when I need to buy something new… With the exception of this little silver lamp that cost approximately £10, ten years ago. 😀


Here’s the transformation… It’s difficult to take a pic of a long slender lamp with a 35mm lens!

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DCA artists exhibition for Impact8

Sometimes it’s difficult to view your progress, though i’m beginning to discover just how important it is to take note of your achievements- no matter how small or large.

I’ve been working my socks off lately and wondering when i’ll see some results. After some pondering, I realised I’m actually doing alright.

I had been working on a mixed media piece (screenprint and spraypaint) over the past few weeks to submit into the DCA print studio registered artists exhibition at the Roseangle gallery for Impact8. I had also been working on my jewellery and various other designs, as well as firming up my business plan. Things got busy, though I worked to my set deadlines, submitted my piece and moved on to the next part of the plan.

Then I got an email to say I had sold my work. I hadn’t even thought about selling my work to be honest as so many fantastic artists submitted brilliant pieces- there was so much to choose from. Having my work in someones home is great.

So there we have it, working hard and doing all you can pays off in little ways that make you smile. This is my artwork in the gallery with a nice little red dot that will help me move on and buy materials for the next part of my project..


Wee tip that helps: I make a note of at least one little thing i’ve achieved everyday in my diary. Whether it’s  finishing another piece of dreaded paperwork or starting a design, I think it’s important to note you’re enhancing your skills and becoming better within your field.

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I come here to blog.. (In the voice of Arnie)

I must be excused for my previous posts. When uploading videos during dissertation season, trying to deduce my intentions through blog comments was difficult as it was usually around 6am and my brain had switched off- hence the incompetent ramblings of a madman.

Now I plan to use my blog as a.. blog.

Since graduation (July 2013) I have been looking for work that allows me to utilise my skills and spending time on various other projects. I have been working a lot, though things have progressed slower than i’d hoped. Soooo, to reassure myself I am actually working and am not bone idle, I have decided to set up a wee blog.

My aim today is to sort my website once and for all. It currently resembles the interior of my car. A total mess – full of useless info and there’s a possibility you’ll come across a sweetie wrapper.

That’s the simple aim for today. Spending the day with my little friends CSS and HTML. 🙂 …By little friends, I mean coding that I despise and if tangible i’d repeatedly toss off the wall until they became non-existent and forgotten.

Wooo, fun Saturday ahead…

Ciao 🙂

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Screenshot Protools

Putting the audio on the video using ProTools.Protools is best for editing. I tried to editing Premiere Pro though there was not enough options. Has been tricky finding sound effects to enhance the audio, though found them in the end… Now to render!

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