Once Upon a Wednesday I Found an Old Blog

So today I’ve uncovered my old uni blog that has been left stagnating, disguised by the word ‘Press’ on the link panel of my computer; Evidently I’ve failed to comply with the title’s order since November 2013.

Ahh, old thoughts from a time and a place long passed – bizarre and a load of nonsense no one will ever care to read. I guess that’s the nature of diary type set ups – blogs – no one cares unless you’re a superstar or a tragedy or perhaps have relevant content, but I’m just a random person so I guess I’ll reside on the outskirts of Blogville, in a nonsensical shack made with words, twigs and string, waiting for a wanderer.

I have no intention of becoming a ‘blogger’ I’d be awful at that.. I only created this because as it was compulsory for Uni. I then gave up with this one and switched to tumblr, then Blogger. What a blogging tart. I rarely read blogs and the whole concept seems entirely egocentric and lost on me – perhaps there’s no commercial value in my knowledge and I’d get bored of make-up trials after… well I’m over it already.

I still have my laser cutting business ( www.byleahcarroll.com ) and I sell in a few shops throughout Scotland.

I work in TV/Film now and during 2014 I had a superb year. I worked on Outlander, Channel 4, Comedy Unit, Partickular Films and filming work of my own for The Brightside Productions ( www.thebrightsideproductions.com ).

I’m extremely grateful and have met an amazing bunch of incredibly wonderful people throughout 2014.

I have an office in The Hub, Pacific Quay and now that I am in the quiet spell, I have been writing scripts, storyboarding, filming, gigging, writing music for shorts and typing up proposals – and clicking unused buttons on my links panel for procrastination purposes. And sending off laser cut orders to individuals and shops. I also eat, sleep and get away for camping and hillwalking trips every now and then. I have also discovered yoga which is amazing; you basically roll around the floor like a baby, get told to relax, close your eyes and smell lavender filled sock things AND you can pass it off AS A WORKOUT! Thank you please!

I’m working on a proposal today and plan to edit the last of a short I made the other day. Editing takes yonks.

I have also ate too much chocolate and it’s only 1pm.

That is all I’ve got. Projectile semiotics comin’ atcha!


walt disney - aye eh does!

About leahsdoc

I'm working on documentary filmmaking, I also do laser cutting, screen-printing and photography.
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