DCA artists exhibition for Impact8

Sometimes it’s difficult to view your progress, though i’m beginning to discover just how important it is to take note of your achievements- no matter how small or large.

I’ve been working my socks off lately and wondering when i’ll see some results. After some pondering, I realised I’m actually doing alright.

I had been working on a mixed media piece (screenprint and spraypaint) over the past few weeks to submit into the DCA print studio registered artists exhibition at the Roseangle gallery for Impact8. I had also been working on my jewellery and various other designs, as well as firming up my business plan. Things got busy, though I worked to my set deadlines, submitted my piece and moved on to the next part of the plan.

Then I got an email to say I had sold my work. I hadn’t even thought about selling my work to be honest as so many fantastic artists submitted brilliant pieces- there was so much to choose from. Having my work in someones home is great.

So there we have it, working hard and doing all you can pays off in little ways that make you smile. This is my artwork in the gallery with a nice little red dot that will help me move on and buy materials for the next part of my project..


Wee tip that helps: I make a note of at least one little thing i’ve achieved everyday in my diary. Whether it’s  finishing another piece of dreaded paperwork or starting a design, I think it’s important to note you’re enhancing your skills and becoming better within your field.

About leahsdoc

I'm working on documentary filmmaking, I also do laser cutting, screen-printing and photography.
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