Business Cards



Business cards

I spent the past few days working on my business cards and making various designs. I created all designs in Illustrator and then took them into laser cutting software.

I decided to use laser cutting as it’s important to make your card stand out in a sea of other cards! I made various designs to choose from and think overall I like the old camera card the best. I like it due to the burnt edges the cutter gives, leaving an old rustic feel and it’s also different.

The HELLO! cards are good for more general use… I don’t think I would always want to give out the camera card, as it could look a bit over the top. Though for the purpose of the degree show I think they are eye-catching and fitting with the theme of my documentary.

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Final Edit!!

Final Edit!!

This is my almost final edit for the documentary… has taken ages but hopefully it’s worth it!

After compiling all sections in different sequences I decided to copy them all into one as it is only 15 mins and I find it easier to work when I can see everything on screen.

After such a big project, I am much more familiar with Premiere Pro and can now get faster results when editing clips together.

Once I had everything together there was a lot of grading and trimming to be done. Also the audio will have to be altered.
It has been a lengthy editing process and one I wasn’t quite prepared for, though think i’ve learned a lot from it and will be better equipped to edit the rest of the film once I finish my honours degree.


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Road to London

I’m trying to illustrate the trip to London, to show the hopes and expectations then juxtapose it with the harsh reality of buildings.
I think the road projected on the buildings isn’t obvious enough and a clearer view would have to be given. The bokeh from the sculpture seems to suggest excitement and joy, though may be too bright.
Colours will be experimented with and edited to try and get a better fit.

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North on Window

I was having some issues with projecting onto the window, and though I wanted to do it and felt it would achieve  good result, the projector wouldn’t display on the window.

I then set out on other projection tasks – with my back to the window!- and was projecting on the wall, when I realised the window picks up the projection from the wall and reflects it. It can then be filmed and has a much stronger presence on the window and is not as transparent.

Again, by projecting various destinations and creating juxtapositions, the city and north can be expressed simultaneously, in an aesthetically pleasing way. Though this, they both hold their own content and neither overpowers the other, due to the spacial content of each against the static and moving image. Overall I feel it is a good balance of portraying both places without prejudice against either.

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Floating Stones on Window

Here, I was trying to create a juxtaposition with the city and the floating stones.
Even the colours provide a stark difference to both environments.
I wanted to achieve an alternative way to suggest the comparison of the stones and the city. I think by projecting the moving image on the static window, it creates a frame within the frame and allows the viewer to focus on both simultaneously, though within their own frames.

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Sheep in the Croft

Within this clip, I was hoping to represent the way of living up north.

The animals and lifestyle is a huge part of their culture and Lotte refers to keep the animals out of the croft by building a fence. She says they eat everything. I thought this could be a good way to include the sheep within the set without making it too literal. It creates an image of the way of life and also Lotte’s surroundings. It’s also separate in a sense, which is what Lotte is trying to say within the interview.

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City in the Grass

Within this clip, I projected a scene from Lotte’s croft onto the city scene to create a juxtaposition and open thought.

Aesthetically it creates a pleasing shot due to the contrasting colours and shadows. I placed the projector so the land would be the city and houses, and the sky is placed just above to fit within the scene and shine a warm glow on the city.

I used this clip as I feel it’s important to have Lotte’s work featured in the shot. By placing  the sculptures within the shot, it holds reference to the croft and Lotte’s work, making it relevant within the documentary.

I think the song is relevant (Ruth Notman- Roaming), as the lyrics are telling a story of roaming various places, and I think that’s the message i’m trying to put across with this piece.

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