The Start

The Start

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Once upon a time (May 2013) in a land *far, far away, I was finishing my honours degree at university.
Alongside writing my dissertation, I worked countless hours to create a short documentary that involved laser cut sets and was based on the life of ceramic artist Lotte Glob. I eventually achieved a first class honours degree.

Woohoo!! Job time! Money time!

Well, nothing is as easy as it seems. I had been job hunting for some weeks, when I realised the majority of jobs I could apply for would not allow me to utilise the skills I had strived to develop over the years. In fact, few of the jobs would allow me to use my creativity at all- even the ‘creative’ jobs on offer.

Hmph.. I should mention that along with filming, I had also become obsessed with laser cutting.
Yes, I thrive on being creative (blah, blah) and I love making things… Doesn’t everyone…

I was aware that ‘I enjoy being creative’ was no basis for starting my own business. I have also delved beneath the illusive Twitter and Facebook fairytale personas, and I am aware that workers in the sector rarely exhibit the healthy glow of someone prancing into a clean, white studio, going for coffee dates, while maintaining the appearance of a cultured individual who belongs in a magazine. More often I hear ‘I was in the studio all day… 16 hours… Look, my fingers are bleeding!’

Could the passion become a job?!

Well, that is why a business plan is required. I started to note down my ideas that had been growing for years, unfettered by the laws of logic. I made them coherent, and applied for funding. I had faith in my plan, but wanted to secure finance- not only to help me start, but to ensure others had confidence in my ideas and ability and I wasn’t gathering momentum while running full speed towards a brick wall.

Therefore, it began. I see this step, funding and business planning, as my initiation into the 16 hour-day-bleeding-finger-crew. I was rather excited.

*Dundee: depending on your geographical location, this could be quite accurate.


About leahsdoc

I'm working on documentary filmmaking, I also do laser cutting, screen-printing and photography.
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