I come here to blog.. (In the voice of Arnie)

I must be excused for my previous posts. When uploading videos during dissertation season, trying to deduce my intentions through blog comments was difficult as it was usually around 6am and my brain had switched off- hence the incompetent ramblings of a madman.

Now I plan to use my blog as a.. blog.

Since graduation (July 2013) I have been looking for work that allows me to utilise my skills and spending time on various other projects. I have been working a lot, though things have progressed slower than i’d hoped. Soooo, to reassure myself I am actually working and am not bone idle, I have decided to set up a wee blog.

My aim today is to sort my website once and for all. It currently resembles the interior of my car. A total mess – full of useless info and there’s a possibility you’ll come across a sweetie wrapper.

That’s the simple aim for today. Spending the day with my little friends CSS and HTML. 🙂 …By little friends, I mean coding that I despise and if tangible i’d repeatedly toss off the wall until they became non-existent and forgotten.

Wooo, fun Saturday ahead…

Ciao 🙂


About leahsdoc

I'm working on documentary filmmaking, I also do laser cutting, screen-printing and photography.
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