Laser Cutting Lotte’s House

Laser Cutting Lotte's House

I laser cut Lotte’s house and tried to set the lighting to create dramatic shadows. The dramatic shadows were required due to the sparse set. There was little I could include to depict Lotte’s croft and the shadows add to the footage to duplicate what is there.

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Floating Lightbulb


Within this media test, I tried to illustrate the energy that has went into the work and the energy it creates. I decided a good method of doing this would be to use a lightbulb.

The lightbulb was used to symbolise the energy and float with the stones in a dream like state. I think the look of the clip is appealing and quite abstract. I think it flows well and the idea is put across, though after several reiterations, it appears the lightbulb is too literal. It’s almost a cliche.

Other more subtle methods will be used to depict the energy and ideas that the work contains. Perhaps using only light rather than the literal bulb.


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After doing a case study on Maps with Gaps, I decided to try to include more technical drawings of the work I have done within the footage.
I done a short sample, though it wouldn’t fit in with the current theme. I don’t have enough time to animate the illustration and I feel it would result in too many different themes within the documentary, taking away from and confusing Lotte’s story and art.

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Opening trial

The initial opening scenes were too raw and serious. I didn’t feel there was enough of a theme that would recur throughout the documentary and it didn’t open up the story to the audience.

Within this section I feel I am closer to giving the audience an understanding of what the story is about, providing a context, place and theme within the first 30secs. This is important to set the audience for what will follow.

There is still more work to be done. The editing and flow could be cleaned up and also the effects honed to make for a more dream like introduction. Though not too seamless as a part of what I am trying to put across in the story is that there’s no such thing as perfection. Open thought into what perfection actually is? I like things that seem unfinished (though not this unfinished!) and have a uncertain quality to them. I would like to find a way to create pieces of my own work to reflect that in a positive way. A way that is still aesthetically pleasing, though gritty.

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Opening Scenes

Working from the outcome of the route into Lotte’s croft, I decided to include more fabricated visuals.

To introduce the projection and laser cutting immediately, sets up the vibe for how the story will be told.

Though closer to having something that fits with the audio, the houses are too dark. The idea behind this was to make subtle abstract visuals, though they’re too dark and it’s irritating that you can’t see what’s on screen rather than intriguing.

The audio seems to work better with the piece. It creates the sense of being somewhere magical and scoops you out of reality and into the song. Maybe too repetitive though, with such high pitched instruments.

Will further the experiments to see what can be enhanced.

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Almost Deadline!

Panic is setting in due to the fact it’s almost May 13th! 

I have been editing for the past few weeks on and off, and now that i’m trying to select things for final, it’s a nightmare. I’m not happy with any of it and feel it all needs redone. 

I have so much footage that it takes a while to find the shot I need. If I could do it differently I would only shoot exactly what I needed. But I suppose it’s not as easy as that with documentary, as when you go to shoot, you don’t actually have your final story yet. 

Anyway, Premiere Pro and After Effects are the programs i’m using. Will hopefully have a few decent media test to show by middle of week, and hopefully spend some time on audio during the weekend to get it sounding better. 

Quite a stressful time, but it will be over soon. 

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Entering Croft

Within this clip I was hoping to set up the scene of the croft and give a vibe of what it’s like to be up there.
I think the clip does that, though it was lacking other elements to keep up with the theme of the film.

Also, the song is fitting though it doesn’t seem to hold enough suspense for the beginning of the documentary.

I think the inclusion of some of the fabricated visuals I plan to use would benefit this clip and make it more fitting with the rest of the footage.

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