North on Window

I was having some issues with projecting onto the window, and though I wanted to do it and felt it would achieve  good result, the projector wouldn’t display on the window.

I then set out on other projection tasks – with my back to the window!- and was projecting on the wall, when I realised the window picks up the projection from the wall and reflects it. It can then be filmed and has a much stronger presence on the window and is not as transparent.

Again, by projecting various destinations and creating juxtapositions, the city and north can be expressed simultaneously, in an aesthetically pleasing way. Though this, they both hold their own content and neither overpowers the other, due to the spacial content of each against the static and moving image. Overall I feel it is a good balance of portraying both places without prejudice against either.


About leahsdoc

I'm working on documentary filmmaking, I also do laser cutting, screen-printing and photography.
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